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The Get Up Kids 11-18-09 Austin Texas [27 Nov 2009|03:14pm]


There are more on youtube.
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So... [06 Nov 2009|07:43am]

Who's going to the show tonight at the TLA in Philly???
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FYI [31 Aug 2009|12:10pm]


Check for local dates! I will be going to BOTH Philly Shows.
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Anyone need tickets? [02 Mar 2009|10:48pm]

My friend and I got excited and bought tickets to the show in Lawrence thinking we could convince our friends to go with us - well, they weren't into the idea of flying to Lawrence for Spring Break, so we have a few to get rid of. We're selling them at cost just because they won't be used.

Comment if interested!

(sorry if this isn't allowed; delete if necessary)
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[25 Jan 2009|08:35pm]

I don't know if this is allowed (if not, I will delete immediately).

But, I'm going to see Matt this Saturday in Chicago on the Where's The Band tour and I was wondering if anyone here has his album 'Confidence Man'?

I'm also road tripping it to go see The Get Up Kids on March 13th (my birthday!) in Lawrence!!

If anyone can help, thanks!!
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The Get Up Kids to play Bamboozle [27 Nov 2008|06:41pm]

The Get Up Kids are to play Bamboozle on May 2, 2009 at the Meadowlands Sports Complex (E. Rutherford, NJ) Doors at 11:30AM [All Ages] . For more information, visit TheBamboozle.com.

As far as I know, the band does not have any other tour dates scheduled. I'm pretty pumped! I just bought my tickets on pre-sale. You can purchase them now from the website, through Ducat King. Who wants to road trip? I'm located in Columbus, Ohio.

Happy tourage! (And Thanksgiving)
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The Get Up Kids Reunion Show: The Review [19 Nov 2008|06:44pm]

The Get Up Kids Reunion Show "Mass Pike"

See more here. If you have any videos to share, or reviews as far as that goes, please post them! If you want more, I'm sure YouTube has a flock of them! 

 The Get Up Kids played their first show in three years on September 16 in hometown Kansas City, MO. What was supposed to be a secret show ended up being leaked out to the internet to several fans world-wide. Fans started lining up about 4:30 AM the morning of, people traveling as far as 12 hours for the show. What was originally set up as a special show for locals became a show for several fans from many locations. Initially, fans were told not to travel for the show as the band was planning on organizing a tour in the spring.

This one show was just a 'test' to see how successful the future tour may be, and in turn, would determine rather an official tour would be done. Considering the success, the band will officially be touring some time in the spring.

The Get Up Kids posted a blog, Thanks For Lastnight, on their official myspace:

"Hello Everyone,
We would like to thank everyone who came out to our "secret" reunion show last night. We'd especially like to thank the Record Bar for allowing us to do the show and being so gracious to us. We had a great time and hope that you did as well. Check out the new live clips. You won't be hearing from us again until next year but Vagrant will be releasing the deluxe 10 year anniversary edition of "Something To Write Home About" CD/DVD/Book and we will be playing some more shows in 2009. Hope to see you then.
The Get Up Kids"

You can also view SIX new videos from the show on their myspace profile! See one above.

Setlist from the show:
Holiday / Action & Action / Valentine / Red Letter Day / Out of Reach / Ten Minutes / The Company Dime / My Apology / I'm a Loner Dottie, a Rebel ... / Long Goodnight; Close to Home / I'll Catch You / Encore: Campfire Kansas / The One You Want / No Love / Mass Pike / Walking on a Wire.
Thanks to pastepunk for this.

What Jim Suptic said about Sunday night's show:
"Opening energetically with Holiday, followed by Action & Action, the band took little time to brush the dust off themselves, presenting a very tight and chiseled sound. 'Some of these songs are pretty easy, and some of them we’ve never really played,' [Matt] Pryor huffed of My Apology, 'this is one of the latter.' Yet, one would have a hard time believing this band had been apart for the better part of three years, had tours and albums from New Amsterdams, Spoon and Blackpool Lights not been surfaced as the hard proof."

"The energy and chemistry belonged to the Get Up Kids of old. Watching Matt Pryor and Jim Suptic candidly smile while performing the set, consisting of their album Something to Write Home About, played in order, as well as a five song encore, was uplifting and inspiring in terms of hoping for a future for the band. 'This is the healing show,' joked Pryor, regarding the tension between the members of the band towards the end of their careers. 'I mean, I haven’t seen James (DeWees) in two years,' added Suptic later."
(I don't remember where I got this from. I have a collection of articles I've been reading within the past few days.)

I'm now regretting not going. I see that people have traveled afterall - not that I doubted it... it's just, I knew there was going to be more shows and as the official venue website had stated, this show was meant for locals, friends and family... I didn't want to intrude.

For all of those who went, I hope you had a great time! I read a few comments on the Get Up Kids' myspace. Gathering from fans' perspective, videos and articles, the show was a blast. I'm looking forward to seeing a few of my own in the near future. I hope to see you kids around.
originally posted on [info]jdewees
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The Get Up Kids to have "Surprise" show on Sunday, November 16. [14 Nov 2008|04:46pm]

ATTENTION KANSAS LOCALS - The Get Up Kids are having a 'secret' show on Sunday, November 16 at the Record Bar, 1020 Westport Road in Kansas City! They encourage that no one travels out of town to see this show unless you're friends or family because they will be doing a tour in 2009 in celebration of the 10 year anniversary of Something To Write Home About. If it weren't by band's request, I would take work off and leave NOW just to wait in line, but that's not going to happen. Click here for more information.

Get Up Kid lead Matt Pryor said that the show will be in prep for the anniversary for Something To Write Home About, which may or may not have a CD/DVD combo deluxe repackaging. Source.

Christopher Tolle will be support act for the evening, starting at 8 pm.
Here's what Pryor had to say in regards to the show
"Next year is the 10th anniversary of our second record, 'Something to Write Home About,' which was our most popular record. We talked to Vagrant about doing a 10-year anniversary edition with a DVD and a photo book and all that stuff. Then we thought, 'Hey, we should play some shows.' This summer we got everybody on-board. Then we basically told a bunch of people about it and then denied it, just to be contrary.

We weren't going to do it until next year, but we decided it'd be funny if we just showed up and played a show. We thought about doing it Thanksgiving, like, 'Hey, we all happen to be home for Thanksgiving ...,' but that didn't work out.
Thanks to strangeglue for that information.

Goddamn, I must say... this is rather tempting! I want I want I want... but I keep telling myself to wait. Wait for it...wait for it...wait for it... but, goddamn. I know it wouldn't be fair to the locals if I went ahead and went anyway. So, I'm not and therefore, I advice others not to as well. MMMMMKAY. So, whoever is going, have a blast!

originally posted on jdewees .
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Be Prepared: The Get Up Kids [08 Nov 2008|02:34pm]


Be Prepared: The Get Up Kids new hoodie

Be Prepared: The Get Up Kids new shirt.

Not only have the Get Up Kids added a new addition to their merch store, now there are rumors that the band will be playing Bamboozle and Lallapalooza. Prior to this, James Dewees has bluntly announced that the Get Up Kids are planning on doing a reunion this coming Spring 2009 during his tour as Reggie and the Full Effect. Vagrant Records even made a post on absolutepunk.net, "officially" announcing the reunion. We know there is going to be a reunion; we just don't know rather it's going to be a "tour" or just a few shows and then, well, that's it.

A new article, The Get Up Kids Drop Reunion Hint, was posted yesterday. The anticipation grows.

About Leathermouth opening for Mindless Self Indulgence, I'm rethinking my trip to Rhode Island. I may just go ahead and do NJ at the Starland Ballroom. I'll know more Tuesday.
originally posted @ jdewees 
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Join up. [12 Oct 2008|03:36pm]

Other than this community, the only other community of relevance that is active is jdewees. It's new, and it's mine. Please join and participate. =]

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Live at The Granada Theatre [15 Dec 2007|09:33am]

[ mood | calm ]

Hey Guys, Im kinda new here so you guys need to bear with me, Anyways, I have posted a review of the get up kids last album
and i desperately need you guys to comment. thanks in advance

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at the foot of my rival [14 Oct 2007|12:44pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

Thought on the new New Amsterdams.

Syndicated for your pleasure.

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[10 Oct 2007|02:14pm]

i will be interviewing matt pryor at the end of the week so if you have any questions for him, let me know!
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[09 Oct 2007|04:29pm]
i know this is wayyy after the fact, but i went to the get up kids show in philly on june 23, 2005, and its been bugging me forever that i cannot find out who supported them on that date.
does anyone know?
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size small green band camp hoodie [11 Aug 2007|12:37am]
maybe someone here can help me out.

i'm looking for a size small of the green get up kids band camp hoodie. anyone know where i can get one?

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[30 Jun 2006|09:14am]


Get Up Kids shirt for sale, check it out!
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im selling! [07 May 2006|06:43pm]

the get up kids/anniversay seven inch

best offer! please buy it!
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Shirts for sale! [30 Apr 2006|10:31pm]

[ mood | blah ]

So I just listed a bunch of concert shirts I never wear anymore up on Ebay. Most of them are close to new and have only been washed a few times--I've got a couple from The Get Up Kids. Check them out! All cheap and stuff!

Retro Car size Medium
Band Camp size Medium

Other cheap shirts including Radiohead, Dashboard Confessional, and Hot Rod Circuit

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Hey there. [06 Mar 2006|02:02pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

By now, most of you know that Jim Suptic has a side project called The Blackpool Lights, but what you probably didn't know is that RacketMag.com has done a very interesting interview with Jim. You should all check it out and tell your friends. Let us know what you think!

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Get Up Shirt [09 Jan 2006|02:57pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is a size Medium shirt. I am asking $9.00 plus cheapest S&H unless otherwise specified. No holes, tears, or stains. PayPal, well hidden cash, and checks accepted. Ships from San Luis Obispo, CA. First person to e-mail (fearbefore@gmail.com) gets it.
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